Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Always there...

Song post!
"Here, there and everywhere-The Beatles"

Yesterday when I looked into your eyes I realized something: I am scared.
I am who I am, just that. 
I am scared of what will happen when you get to know me "completely" and when the mistery I´ve never had dissapears.
What if I bore you? What if you get tired of my simpleness and gullibility? What if all of a sudden there is nothing interesting I could say or do? 
What if the spark I´ve never really had goes away?
I am scared even when I should not be worrying about it. You make it so hard for people like us to fit in because we´re never going to be smarter that you and yet as if you were not aware of it, you look at us with such charming eyes and make us long to stay there forever... I wonder, is that even possible?


Dishilicious said...

i sometimes feel scared like this too. weird isn't it?

Krislin Neo, Ting (Syracuse Pike) said...

It is the uncertainty that sink in.. I feel that too, whenever I am with someone I hold them dearly in my heart..

Olivia said...

Vivid imagery!!
Well woven.. :)

Hugs x