Saturday, April 30, 2011

In love, in friendship, let us reign...

Lea stared at his sleeping husband. His face was pressed against the yellow pillow, his mouth was a little bit open and his arms were wide open at each side of the bed.
Lea sat in an empty spot of the bed and slipped her forefinger in Adam´s back; he had such a beautiful back, so white and masculine...
Adam didn´t wake up, he just shivered a little and sighed in his sleep.
"How odious you should think me", she said in a whisper ", for I have taken away a lot of things from you. What a terrible woman I am! I am nothing but selfish and envious." She laid down her face and kissed his back tenderly.
"I made you quit your friends, your job and Italy. Oh! But I did it because I loved you so much. I took them away from you because none of those things included me. There was no room for me when they were in your life. I am your wife, for God´s sake!"

Adam began to snore and Lea took his hand into hers and said once again: "I am so selfish. Maybe I should have stopped. I know how much you loved those things. I wonder if you ever miss them."

At this point, Lea felt so wrong about herself that she shed silent tears which forced her to let go his hand in order to wipe her tears. She covered her face and sobbed for long, eternal minutes.

Suddenly, Adam turned his face towards her still in sleep. His wife stopped crying and kissed her claddagh ring, then she kissed his lips with love. "How can I be such a fool? I do not deserve you", she continued ", you left all those things because of me; because you love me. You´re the most beautiful angel I´ve ever known. I will not leave you tonight, or any other night. Forgive me."

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I looked at you with fear, not that I did not trust you, I did not trust my eyes.
Fearless and silent you were, unconquerable as you have always been.
I stood on my feet, yet a little bit over the floor. Me, as small and vulnerable as I have always been when you´re around.
I didn´t cry because you did not ask me to do it and because your stone eyes became grey shades of ocean waves...
Do you understand me?
I gave you a letter, I wrote you a sonet, I published a book with your name on it. You never read them, you never understood why. So before I walked away I told you: "When things are too much for one to take with no easy way out and patience is almost gone, one should write and wirte and write..."

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Friday, April 22, 2011


I cannot think. Ideas are stucked in the deepest side of my brain.
Today, as never before, I know exactly how I feel, I understand it, but I can´t write it in words. It´s like it was written in another language: a language without words, made of sounds, sensations and images.
I cannot say it! Why can´t I?
I really need to say it...
Why do they always leave? Because I do not have the courage to do it myself: "What if? What if I wait a little bit more?"
Why would they stay? Can I stay? Should I stay?
Dream, leave, part... please stay.

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Monday, April 4, 2011

Merci :)

So I got this award from Jingle, thaks a lot Jingle! :)
I pass it to Gugo and to Dan Roberson