Monday, October 25, 2010

In your hands.

Cargado originalmente por Lu Ann_hun

Lord, I leave my friend in your hands,
Im doing all I know to do... but I leave him in your hands.

Sometimes I fear I won´t have the words to say when he needs me...
so I pray for your wisdom oh, Lord and for a heart that's sincere.

Lord I leave my friend in your hands... he´s my best friend in the
But I know he means much more to you than what he means to me
and I know you can take care of him better than me.

Thank you for letting me know him, for being his confident and for the many, many things I´ve learnt about me, about life but specially about you through him.

Bless him, please Lord, bless him his whole life too.

Inspired in "Prayer for a friend" by Casting Crowns

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

One Shot!

It is an oldie... but Im participating in One shot i
with this entry Some kind of best friend

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Beaches or Mountains?

I wated to go to the sea,
but you wanted to go to the mountain.

This was a time limited opportunity,
sharing some vacations...
an amazing gift from the above.

But you wanted to go somewhere I did not want to go...

But inspite of our differences, I am sure God made us this way
when I say black you say white,
when you sleep I laugh
and when I cry you talk...

But the important part is that when I say jump you say go,
when you say yes I say yes too
and when you say today I say okay.

Because we are this way,
because it is how we work...

I want to go to the beach so I can feel the sun
burning my bare feet and because I want the warm breeze to
blow my hair away.

But you want to go the mountain because you want to feel the cold air hitting your face, because you feel more adventurous
and because you want to get to the highest part.

And now, I look into your eyes and realize how many times we´ve gone to the beach
just because I want to, because you love me,
so when this time you say "mountain" I say "Of course darling, because I love you, I say mountain too."

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Monday, October 11, 2010

Because (Thursday Poets Rally Award)

This post is for Thursday Poets Rally Week 30 Poem Post.
Thank you Jingle, you´re awesome.

As for Week 31, I nominate Liliana for the Perfect Poet Award.


Why do you need for me to give extensive answers?

Who needs explanations?

Would you ask why is the world round?

Would you ask why is the water blue?
Would you dare to ask why am I smiling? Why do I cry? Why do I laugh?

The real question... Would I be able to explain? Would I give answers?

The mistery of human kind settles in our incapacity to express ourselves, of our enormous souls trapped inside such a small body. So limited, so controled, so... human.

Who cares why? Who cares who? Who cares when?
Why do we ask? Sometimes not knowing is what makes us who we are.

Because the sky is blue, it makes me cry
Because the sky is blue...

Because- The Beatles

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Trust me, my dear...

"But, how do you know?" she asks me.
"Because I do!" I answer.
"But... it just cannot convince me, you know?"
"Why not?"
"Because I am afraid." Her voice sounds so like a child, so tiny and full of fear.
"But it will be just fine. Trust me." I answer.
"I do, but... what if I am only being a fool! I would die if he doesn´t answer!"
"Come on, just do it." I say

Then she press the "Send" button... and the e-mail with the line "I love you, I am sorry." is sent to him. The love of her life.
And because I am her sister and because I love her, I encourage her to get him back.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Is the sun made of fire?

I ended up here because I had nowhere better to go.
I ended up here because there is nothing like going back to your childhood when life treats you wrong.
But... if you think it twice, kids are much cruel than adults.
How much we underestimate the big and overwhealming effort it takes a kid to survive!

So, I ended up here because it ended just like I never expected it to end.
Now I look at my hands all covered with mud and I can´t help but smile when I stare at the mud castle I just helped my daughter to build.
I stand up and take her tiny muddy hand.

As we walk she asks me "Mom, who made the mud?"
"The rain when it touched the earth, darling."
"And who made the earth?"
"God did."

She stays in silence and then asks me "And the air? God made the air mom?"
Her innocent and yet so wise question makes me stop.

There´s a soft breeze hitting my face.
I can feel it. It surprises me that it´s been a long since I felt the breeze in my skin. I guess I just didn´t pay enough attention.

Suddenly a drizzle starts falling softly over my daughter´s pretty face.
She´s looking up to the sky "Mommy, is the sun made of fire?"
I smile because I had forgotten how simple and yet so beautiful and complex this world is: fire, earth, water and air...

My shoes are all covered with mud too, but right now I do not care about anything else, after all, life is not that bad...
I answer to my child: "Yes honey, God made the air and the sun is made of fire".

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Friday, October 1, 2010

Unexpected, rare friends.

For David.

I am seventeen.
We are unexpected and rare friends, aren´t we?
And we share a lot of things
day by day and year by year.

Sometimes Im amazed of how much you make me laugh
and how easily I forget I was mad.
And as children we play, and as children we laugh,
like there was nothing we couldn´t figure out.

God gave us a friend to trust in,
someone to help us follow Him,
someone to pray with,
someone to learn with.

And we´re a strange combination of adult and child
we are so young but with our feet on the ground
full of colors, gifts and bounds
and so many other things yet to find.

This friendship is special and so neat
because between us is God and no other thing
I´ve become your confident as you are to me
all during this months, this time, this year.

And I´m very proud of you because you keep God in your heart
and that is exactly what we must all look up at
You are an example, a friend, a smile
a very, very fine young life.

I forget my age more often than what you do
you´ve seen me mad, sick and happy too.
I´m way much more impulsive than you
and you always shoot high at the moon.

You´re precise, observer and kind
while I´m absent-minded and not very exact.
I guess that´s why we always laugh and laugh
because there are so many things to talk about.

To us God shows his mercy, love and care
when he gives us friends that help us bear
this world, this town and life itself
People like you, my dearest of friends.