Monday, October 25, 2010

In your hands.

Cargado originalmente por Lu Ann_hun

Lord, I leave my friend in your hands,
Im doing all I know to do... but I leave him in your hands.

Sometimes I fear I won´t have the words to say when he needs me...
so I pray for your wisdom oh, Lord and for a heart that's sincere.

Lord I leave my friend in your hands... he´s my best friend in the
But I know he means much more to you than what he means to me
and I know you can take care of him better than me.

Thank you for letting me know him, for being his confident and for the many, many things I´ve learnt about me, about life but specially about you through him.

Bless him, please Lord, bless him his whole life too.

Inspired in "Prayer for a friend" by Casting Crowns


Gugo said...

I feel blessed by God for letting me have THE friend in you, Thank you for this beautiful praying! I always do the same for you!

Dulce said...

I love this praying. As much as you must love that friend of yours... God's will must go in through you and eventually to him


Brian Miller said...

oh i feel this one...and know that your friend is in good hands for now..until you see him again...smiles.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful prayer! It's not always easy to let go and let God!

Shashi said...

Dear Lu Ann
Nice tribute to your friend and a petition to Lord.. I can feel the pain that you have...

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya
Twitter: @VerseEveryDay

Jingle said...

awesome words.
love and passion are valid here.

The16YearOldNaive said...

<3 thank you so much and your words meant so much! and the blog was beautiful.
Yes yes,
I mean, we're still young..and we have alot to learn..<3xo

moondustwriter said...

I know God brings us into each others lives to love and care about and then we have to put them back into the hands of the one who loves them the most.

A beautiful poem for a friend

thanks for sharing with One Shot
hope you have a great weekend

moonie hugs