Monday, October 11, 2010

Because (Thursday Poets Rally Award)

This post is for Thursday Poets Rally Week 30 Poem Post.
Thank you Jingle, you´re awesome.

As for Week 31, I nominate Liliana for the Perfect Poet Award.


Why do you need for me to give extensive answers?

Who needs explanations?

Would you ask why is the world round?

Would you ask why is the water blue?
Would you dare to ask why am I smiling? Why do I cry? Why do I laugh?

The real question... Would I be able to explain? Would I give answers?

The mistery of human kind settles in our incapacity to express ourselves, of our enormous souls trapped inside such a small body. So limited, so controled, so... human.

Who cares why? Who cares who? Who cares when?
Why do we ask? Sometimes not knowing is what makes us who we are.

Because the sky is blue, it makes me cry
Because the sky is blue...

Because- The Beatles


Jingle said...

perfect, you mean for week 31, you nominate Liliana for the award, right?

Glad that you take the old logo, everyone feels free to take any old logos...I was too lazy at times.

Jingle said...

love your poem,
blur sky makes you cry, why?
sadness is like air in life, yet, we see sun and feel the warmth....

beautiful and emotional word flow...
love your poetry style very much!
trust me,
love the way your present your work here.
be proud of your self...

Gugo said...


Because... there is no enough Why's for us to explain them...

Lu Ann said...

Yep sorry! I nominate her for week 31, corrected.

Thanks a lot, a lot a lot Jingle. It really means a lot to me because writing is what I love, is a very important part of what I do and who I am and this helps me grow a lot as a writer and it helps me to imporve my work, so thank you.

Gugo: EXACTLYYY! you totally read me!!
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

splendid text!
true, who cares? this reminds me of something i asked someone in the past: "and if i knew why i loved you, would that make me love you more or less"?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful poem and what a lovely tribute to the Beatles at the end.
I enjoyed reading it.

dhitzunako said...

Hi, Lu Ann. Thx for stopping by at my blog. :)

This piece is kinda make me sad. :p Every time I feel like that there are too much question unanswered, I look at the sky, wondering...

Thanks for sharing this.

Jingle said...
I invite you to attend Thursday Poets Rally week 31
let me know when you are ready.
Thanks a lot.

two awards are to give you if you participate.

Jingle said...

poets rally participation awards.

let me know after you are done 18 poets visiting…
thanks a lot.
u rock!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful poem. You are right. It is the answers that are tough, not the questions.

Jingle said...

Please feel free to claim any awards in the post.
have fun!

post a poem on Halloween, link to our potluck tonight, about 9 hours to go before it is open…
the earlier you do, the better feedback you get.