Friday, October 1, 2010

Unexpected, rare friends.

For David.

I am seventeen.
We are unexpected and rare friends, aren´t we?
And we share a lot of things
day by day and year by year.

Sometimes Im amazed of how much you make me laugh
and how easily I forget I was mad.
And as children we play, and as children we laugh,
like there was nothing we couldn´t figure out.

God gave us a friend to trust in,
someone to help us follow Him,
someone to pray with,
someone to learn with.

And we´re a strange combination of adult and child
we are so young but with our feet on the ground
full of colors, gifts and bounds
and so many other things yet to find.

This friendship is special and so neat
because between us is God and no other thing
I´ve become your confident as you are to me
all during this months, this time, this year.

And I´m very proud of you because you keep God in your heart
and that is exactly what we must all look up at
You are an example, a friend, a smile
a very, very fine young life.

I forget my age more often than what you do
you´ve seen me mad, sick and happy too.
I´m way much more impulsive than you
and you always shoot high at the moon.

You´re precise, observer and kind
while I´m absent-minded and not very exact.
I guess that´s why we always laugh and laugh
because there are so many things to talk about.

To us God shows his mercy, love and care
when he gives us friends that help us bear
this world, this town and life itself
People like you, my dearest of friends.


Lu Ann said...

With "we´re a strange combination of adult and child" I ,meant that we both are children and adults at the same time!

Gugo said...

....There are so many things I would like to say. First, thank you for being so special and thank God for your life, for allow us to share all we have shared, you are a non deserved gift to my life as everything He give us, as your very name dictates... Grace!
I believe you know how unique and significant you are for me, please keep that in mind and no matter what God have for us I believe we'll be in each others life always.

Once more first time in lifetime...

Maha said...

it just felt that you got something so pure and deep between the two of you. God bless the both of you

Dulce said...

Lovely is this LOVE, awesome that we can have friends like these...

Jingle said...

very beautiful...
17 is exciting age, love the combination of God and reality, embrace and grace of all regardless their shortcomings.

Happy Thursday!
loved reading your segment of life journey.

Jingle said...

lovely contribution,
Happy Rally week 30.

Gabriela Abalo said...

what a amazing and sweet way to honor friendship!!

I love it

Anonymous said...

I would love to keep this poem bookmarked forever with me .. to dedicate it to any and all of my frineds with your permission !! Wonderful wonderful lines !

Friends are just "beyond-world-super" :D

Leo said...

loved it, I could echo Lady Nimue's words too.. its a fab dedication Lu Ann :)

My Rally Entry is Here!

ChildofaGodUnseen said...

That's amazing.
God gave us all such amazing people in our lives. (:

My Poet Rally Submissions:

Lovely Annie said...


Beautiful and authentic connections!
This is lovely

Have a wonderful rally!

Kristen Haskell said...

That is precious.

Someone Is Special said...

Friendship, 17 is the age where tend to make mistake but you have made a good thing with regards to God and reality..

Fragrance of Friendship

Happy Rally

--Someone Is Special--

Bing (PinkLady) said...

what a touching tribute to friendship. this is lovely!

Two Years Ago...

Dasuntoucha said...

beautiful words.

Anonymous said...

I loved this touching tribute to friendship that perseveres in spite of differences.

So sweet...