Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I hold the moon in my heart.


Seven years have gone.
Almost a decade, you know.
Nothing left to feel or say,
nothing left inside my head.

Every night I look outside
my teardrops fall over the grass,
because this night you won´t return,
tomorrow you´d still be gone.

Dreams and illusions are gone,
watch the grass grow old.
Because nothing else we can share
but the moon above our heads.

Taking part in One stop Poetry


Brian Miller said...

i feel the underlying sorrow in that has left..though it seems the desire is stil there...if nothing else we have the moon..smiles. nice oneshot!

steveroni said...

Lu Ann, I do not know him, nor you.
But after reading your One Shot, I miss him also.

I just want to be sad with you for a moment..................

Really a beautifully written One Shot, LA.

dustus said...

You express the pain of loss clearly. Beautifully sad poem.

Eric Alder said...

Seven years is too long. May this One Shot be your final lament.

Gabriela Abalo said...

same as Dustus: beautiful sad poem.

Heartbreaking, full of sorrow but peaceful


Dulce said...

Seven years is too long a time my dear... getting rid of the old is the best we can do to survive and LIVE in peace....
They do not deserve that, especially if they left voluntarily... AND If God took them with him..., all the same - they need to rest at peace.

moondustwriter said...

Seven years is a lifetime of heartache. Poignant piece my dear.

Thanks for the One Shot

Moon smiles

Anonymous said...

so touching !! the last lines make me sigh !

Gugo said...

Je pense que ton coeur est en loques! ;)

Jingle said...

so powerfully done.

Shashi said...

Very raw emotions and I feel the sadness in your eyes, washing over my thoughts like a rain shower... So sad to see that the life has left both of you to share only the moon...I liked it and I relate to it too...

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Om Namah Shivaya
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