Wednesday, September 8, 2010

In this arms

If you could only know how much this waiting hurt.
My back aches and Im still trembling because of the overwhelming effort you caused me.

Love always makes us bleed.

Now that you are here in my arms there is no sun shining in the sky anymore, it is late at night. I do not know why I always thought there would be sunlight when you came.
You just blinked to me once, now your eyes are closed.
I lay down to feel you chest beating and I hear your slow and soft breathing.
The air around you is only as pure as you.
How I wish you could talk to me and tell me how you feel.
Im pretty sure you are feeling uncomfortable, I can tell by the expression of your face, and I do not blame you.
My arms are still not tired enough as to stop holding you. I must confess I could hold you forever, I do not want to let you go.

All the pain I suffered, all that I went through... it all faded away when I saw your face. It was worth it. I could even die right now that I´ve seen you, and that would be enough for me to say that I lived the happiest life ever.

Now I know for sure that I was born to hold you in my arms.

Sleep my darling, I will be here in the morning when you wake up.
Welcome to his life, my son.

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KB said...

A beautiful description ofa mother's view of the beginning of life.

Lu Ann said...

Thank you KB

Gugo said...

Your mother instinct arise as you said. Even so, nice taken quote. I was born to...

Glynn said...

From the very beginning, it has the sense of speaking to a child. Good poem.

dustus said...

Beautiful poem expressing so many emotions. Thanks for posting for One Stop! Welcome :)

Eric Alder said...

Too much detail to have been written by anyone but an actual mother. A beautiful One Shot!

Pete Marshall said...

this was a wonderful piece..thanks for bringing it to ones top and i hope you return to share your work and grow within the community..cheers pete

Lu Ann said...

Gugo: :) :) :)

Glynn, dustus, Eric, Pete: Thank you all for reading! :) Ill come back for sure.
By the way... Im not a mother ;) but I really hope I´ll become one some day

moondustwriter said...

Even when it is darkest night there is an inner glow that you can't put out. You could watch that little one forever.

Beautiful poetry my dear

Thanks so much for coming by One Shot

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