Tuesday, September 14, 2010

In her finger.

"Do you know what it feels like for a girl?"
Women, we believe in fairy tales, we long for happy endings.
Since we are small kids we are taught to love, we are taught to dream, we learn how to believe.
That´s why we are so fragile and still so strong, because we are made of sugar and cotton, but we can be as hard as rocks.
When we hold a baby in our arms the world hushes and there is when we know that we were meant to protect life.
We make a song from cries and we know how to turn fear into laughs.

So we are the fantasy, complex and delicate creation of God and we can not deny our nature.
We are made of sugar and cotton...
That´s why our hearts beat slower and faster, our skin blushes and our eyes sparkle... when we can feel in our finger the symbol of a promise... because a promise is what we are meant to hear.

1 comment:

Gugo said...

What a thing to envelop all this ethereal feelings, thoughts, wishes and even instincts in something so beautiful like a promise in finger.Bringing the unearthly down to the mortals

"We are made of sugar and cotton..." Wow! Yes indeed! :)

You keep on amizing me! my dear!