Saturday, September 4, 2010

Wedding dress.

-So, are you ready?
-Yes, I am, open it! open it! -she says impatiently.
He opens the door and hand in hand they enter to their new home, their first home.
She let go his hand and as a small child she quickly enters and walks around the house trying to observe every single detail.
-Can you believe it hun?
-Believe what, darling? -he says as he takes the camera in his hands and starts taking pictures of her.
She notices what he´s doing and blushes -What?
-I just wish you could see your own face right now... I need to keep this moment forever.
She smiles.
She walks and looks at herself in the full-length mirror near the bedroom´s door.
She sighs and touchs lightly her wedding dress.
Suddenly he is next to her and looks at her with tenderness.
-I always wanted one of this, you know? -she says still admiring her gown.
Then, he takes her face in his hands -This eyes -he kisses her eyes -your eyes, your face, your expression is the same like four years ago... you´re still my pure, smiling, bright girl. You haven´t change a bit!
-Oh, but you´ve changed, you´re old now -She answers mischievously staring at his eyes. -Are you hungry Mr. Jones?
-Yes, I am Mrs. Jones- he says laughing -are you?
-Let´s cook something.
They get into the kitchen and start cooking pancakes.
She tries to make one heart shaped pancacke -I ruined it darling, Im sorry.
-You never ruin anything, you only make it differently.
They walk into the dining room but their suitcases are all over the table, ready to part with them to their honey moon.
-Well, we can eat on the couch -she says.
They sit together and she tooks the remote control -What would you like to watch?
-Don´t turn the T.V on -he replies.
But, I thought you said you wanted to watch something when we arrived home
He laughs very hard and says -I did not say watch, I said see.
-See? See what?
-Your face -he says staring at her pretty face.
-My face?
-Yes darling, I can´t help but to almost die from happiness everytime I think that I will be able to see your face every single day since today. And, well, there´s nothing more beautiful I would like to stare at forever.
She smiles with joy.
-I like your smile -he says -it is the exact same smile you use when I tell you that you are beautiful.
-No darling -she says with tenderness -this smile is way much different... I love you so...


Dulce said...

This is SO sweet mi querida amiga!
Loved it...

Some instants are this precious!
Love and its compensations...


Gugo said...

Amazing lovely story, you keep shocking me! :)

steveroni said...

You do not shock me--you entice me to return much more frequently. You have great depth of soul, and it shows...always!

moondustwriter said...

aww how sweet story of the newly married couple

Moon smiles

Jingle said...

that's divine love.
see her face daily,

Anonymous said...

I love the different perspectives. Good story.