Friday, September 17, 2010

Almighty gentleman

Our moon shines like it did 200 years ago and the sun keeps on singing its unheard melody.
The sky may be darker, that is for sure, but it is still in the same place where it has always been: above our heads.
The birds still sing and the dogs still bark.
Yet, us, the powerful human race, the almighty form of life, believe ourselves to be so important, so relevant when, in reality, we could simply disappear and the world would still exist.

We are not that necessary... Are we?

Ages of wars and centuries have seen us fighting for freedom, fighting for liberty and killing each other.

Men who rule each nation sending people to fight useless wars, a lot of lives lost just so those men can gain power or territory.
They send them to fight in the name of the nation... if they are so brave, why don´t they go themselves and fight like in old days?
That, was called honor, that was worthy of admiration.
What if you die? Who cares? There are a lot of people out there who could do your job as bad as you do.
Fight your own battles almighty gentleman; you can not make peace from war. That´s the most stupid way of thinking ever.


Gugo said...

Amen! That is the part of you defending the good and true in this world "rojilla" remember?

Jingle said...

excellent reasoning!

Jingle said...

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Jingle said...

lovely nature imagery to help one think of many layers.

thanks for linking.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to Potluck. Thought-provoking poem. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

You have some very strong thoughts here, and you put them across well. A good read and made me think.
Here from poetry potluck.

Anonymous said...

Can we eradicate wars!!! I hope we could but not sure it can...Happy potluck!

Anonymous said...

yes! let them go fight their own war- why dont they go themselves.. i concur with you! nice write! here's my potluck for this week:

thingy said...

Beautiful words. I wish words could be enough, but men and women will still give up their lives for someone else's dream.

Bing (PinkLady) said...

what an insightful piece! i totally agree with you. :)

Anonymous said...

Excellent write.

Jingle said...


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