Monday, November 29, 2010

The moon.

Some people say the moon is a lonely wife... the widow of the night.
Do you believe it?
"It´s just a rock" you said when we were lying on the grass.
"But... it is very important, without it nothing would work." I answered.
Today, I bet you know how important the moon is,
because, you see, today you are not here.
You call me everynight and tell me how lonely you feel without me -like the moon- I think.
Then you express your eager desire to be here with me, holding my hand, kissing my lips.
But you are not here and you won´t be here for a long time... five years seem like a lot to me.
You must know how important it is because, the moon is the only thing you and I have in common now.
Please, don´t come back.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

You don´t know me

I saw her walking there and I couldn´t help but to feel a hole in my stomach.
You were not there, and still I could know who she was.
She´s your "her", am I right?

The melody still lingers in the air... why do they always choose melancholic songs?
I hate working here...
"You gave your hand to me, and then you said hello, and I can hardly speak, my heart is beating so..."

-Im sorry, I´d like one cappuccino and one chai, please.

What? She´s talking to me, right... I work here.

-Sure, anything else?

-No, that´s ok, thank you.

-It´s $5.30 please.

You´re coming, I can see you.
It hurts too much to see you again.
Wouldn´t you let her pay and wait for her at the door?

-Hello, Jenny.
You´re talking to me.

-Hello, Dan.

I can feel your eyes on me while I prepare your beverages.

-Here you have. Come back soon!

I said that because I am supposed to, that´s what I get paid for, but, to be honest I truly felt it. After all it is nice to see you, nice to feel your hand touching lightly mine...

"You gave your hand to me and then you said goodbye, I watched you walk away beside the lucky girl..."

You smile and turn around.
Then, I can hear her asking you -Who is she, do you know her?

Then you answer, as I knew you would answer -She´s Jenniffer. She is nobody.

(Michael Bublé-You don´t know me)

Saturday, November 20, 2010



I am scared of making mistakes, but I leap.
I don´t dance well, but I have fun.
I´m not good at talking, so I write.
I may be impulsive, but I calm down.
I don´t know how to react when Im scared, but I pray.
I say a lot of things wrong, but I apologize.
I show that I care in a weird way, but I do show it,
I may feel the world is too much for me to take,
but I dont mean to own it.
I am nothing,
but with you, God
anything is possible.
So ask me to go wherever you want me to go,
ask me to do anything you want me to do,
ask me to give up anything you want me to leave and
take anything you want me to take...
and I will.

"I don´t know where I am
I don´t know where I´ve been...
But I know where I want to go."

(First day fo my life-Bright eyes)

Thank you Jingle, for this award and for this community.

Lu Ann wishes to nominate Amity and Gugo

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

So young...

Little details...
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Pictures and Words

He was so young, Lord...

How often we forget to stop, to breathe and
to see the beautiful world you´ve created, God.

How often we buy the cheaper lie the world offers:
"Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow"
You ARE young... you don´t need to be in peace with God,
that is for old and dying men...

Who do you think you are as to take life
for granted?
If only you had known him, then you
would be amazed of his life.

He taught us how to laugh in difficult times,
he showed us how to sing "Alele quitatonga"
he played with us, he prayed for us
He cheered up our childhood and youth...

But what we admire of him the most
is how he served the Lord,
how his heart was dedicated to Him
how much faith he had...

He taught us a lot of things while he was alive,
how to be a good friend, brother and son
but he is teaching us something more beautiful
now that he is gone:

That no matter how young you are, God must be
the Lord of your life
and accpeting the precious gift of salvation
through accepting Jesus Christ´s sacrifice
make you live the best life you could ever had
not only here on Earth, but also there
in the eternal life he´s enjoying next to God...
somewhere we will see him when our time has come.

For our dearest friend Abraham Montiel

Monday, November 8, 2010

No one special

I am no one special..

Nobody ever bows when I pass by,
nobody googles my name on the net,
no one has dedicated the manuscript of their book to me.

I am no one special.

No movie of my life has been made,
No one has written my biography,
No star is named after me.

I am no one special.

When I die no celebrities will attend
to my funeral,
and some years after my death
no one will remember my name...

No monuments will be raised in my honor...
but I do not care, because after all
being recognized for what you are and what you´re not
for what you know and what you don´t,
being loved by the ones you love
and being proud of what you´ve done...
to find that after all you are special
while being alive is a blessing no monument could
ever beat.

Submitted to Jingle Poetry :)

Jingle Poetry

Friday, November 5, 2010

When everything´s wrong.

Did I say good night?
I think I forgot to tell you that I´m sorry
and you already hung up the phone.

Did I treat you wrong?
Did I say something that made you awkward?
What was I thinking?

Sometimes I still act childish...
and sometimes I can´t understand the reason,
but of course, you know those things about me
more than what I do.

I will text you,
I need to tell you that I´m sorry,
that it was my fault
and that I will pray to God for you as every night.

I feel the letter in my wrist...
and I hope you feel it too
It is an ever lasting friendship promise...
and a threefold cord is not quickly broken.

Today I want you to know
that no matter what,
I am here,
and I am so glad
you are also there .

When everything´s wrong
I remember what we always say
that God will strenghten our bones,
that with God nothing is impossible
whatever that word may end up meaning.

Today I want you to know
that, no matter what,
I am here,
and I am so glad
you are here too: just what I need.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

He sang to me...

There are a million songs out there that I´ve never heard,
Songs that were written out there for someone who is not me,
written by someone I will never get to know.

But yesterday he called me
and he gave me a present.

He called and he sang a song,
which I did not know
by someone who I´d never heard about,
notes that were never performed in such a beautiful way.

He sang to me,
he said Im an angel...
and that made me smile.

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