Sunday, November 28, 2010

You don´t know me

I saw her walking there and I couldn´t help but to feel a hole in my stomach.
You were not there, and still I could know who she was.
She´s your "her", am I right?

The melody still lingers in the air... why do they always choose melancholic songs?
I hate working here...
"You gave your hand to me, and then you said hello, and I can hardly speak, my heart is beating so..."

-Im sorry, I´d like one cappuccino and one chai, please.

What? She´s talking to me, right... I work here.

-Sure, anything else?

-No, that´s ok, thank you.

-It´s $5.30 please.

You´re coming, I can see you.
It hurts too much to see you again.
Wouldn´t you let her pay and wait for her at the door?

-Hello, Jenny.
You´re talking to me.

-Hello, Dan.

I can feel your eyes on me while I prepare your beverages.

-Here you have. Come back soon!

I said that because I am supposed to, that´s what I get paid for, but, to be honest I truly felt it. After all it is nice to see you, nice to feel your hand touching lightly mine...

"You gave your hand to me and then you said goodbye, I watched you walk away beside the lucky girl..."

You smile and turn around.
Then, I can hear her asking you -Who is she, do you know her?

Then you answer, as I knew you would answer -She´s Jenniffer. She is nobody.

(Michael Bublé-You don´t know me)


Robin Ellen Lucas said...

heartfelt and moving..

Lu Ann said...

Robin Ellen Lucas: :) Thanks :)

Gugo said...

Auuchh! That must hurts! Sorry i havent seen this one is great you took me there, please advice me when you post, i really enjoy your writings! ;)