Friday, November 5, 2010

When everything´s wrong.

Did I say good night?
I think I forgot to tell you that I´m sorry
and you already hung up the phone.

Did I treat you wrong?
Did I say something that made you awkward?
What was I thinking?

Sometimes I still act childish...
and sometimes I can´t understand the reason,
but of course, you know those things about me
more than what I do.

I will text you,
I need to tell you that I´m sorry,
that it was my fault
and that I will pray to God for you as every night.

I feel the letter in my wrist...
and I hope you feel it too
It is an ever lasting friendship promise...
and a threefold cord is not quickly broken.

Today I want you to know
that no matter what,
I am here,
and I am so glad
you are also there .

When everything´s wrong
I remember what we always say
that God will strenghten our bones,
that with God nothing is impossible
whatever that word may end up meaning.

Today I want you to know
that, no matter what,
I am here,
and I am so glad
you are here too: just what I need.


Jingle said...

I did not mean to make you feel stressed,
glad to see you write a new piece for the Rally.
what a delight.
Happy Rally.

Lu Ann said...

Nope Jingle! not at all! really It is an honor to participate!

Jingle said...

so uplifting message, despite what happens, you and I, we are here and shall smile because we can communicate.

your spirits are high.
glad to read you today.

Anonymous said...

It is a tragedy that someone should feel that a simple error of forgetfulness would be so bad of a thing that they should have to beg forgiveness. We are all human and errors are something that we will all make. If the other person is critical of that simple error then they have not looked in the mirror lately because we all make mistakes.
And to be so demanding of another is childish. Peace be with you and may your heart find rest.

Gugo said...

Cuida a quién te cuida!
Pray for you always too!

Leo said...

we all forget some things at times.. to apologize for that isn't necessary I feel.. but that of course depends on the person :)

My Rally Entry

Lu Ann said...

2zpoint: Thanks for commenting and reading :) You´re right :) but this time I was just using figures of common and stupid stuff to express something a little bit more profound that the person for who the post is will understand :) But I agree with you, those things need no apology talking about that it should not break by themselves the comunion.

Gugo: Cuida a quien te cuida :)

Leo: Thanks for visiting! You´re right :) just as I told 2zpoint that its just an image I was using :)

Anonymous said...

I can feel the love hun.
Very inspiring!

Happy Rally!

This is my share:

Dulce said...

Oh this is so sweet and full of tender love... you rock with this romantic poems these days
Diría que estás enamorada! :)

Anonymous said...

nice piece. spoke to me about obsession for some reason... i will have to reread it again and see if i feel the same way. great narrative feel to it...

Anonymous said...

Powerful. Very emotionally impactful.


Jingle said...

a nomination for you.
will award you on week 33.

Malcolm said...

This is wonderfully expressive. I love the visual shaping of the text, a really good piece.

ChildofaGodUnseen said...

I love this poem, I can totally relate to it, especially right now.
(: Beautiful words.

My Rally Submission:

Anonymous said...

Lovely poem, very wonderful tribute to friendship!

Anonymous said...

This piece spoke reminded me of myself. I never want to go to sleep if I feel my hunny is made at me. I have to make it right. Nice work!

Rally entry..


Nice 1 buddy
Take a look on my poetry pal
Hope you like it ;)

Jingle said...

week 33 perfect poet award notice,
Happy Saturday!
If you wish to accept, attach a poem, enter for week 33..
you can do it later if too busy.
Thanks for the support.