Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Some kind of best friend.

I´ve been watching you all afternoon.
I have not moved, but I must admit now that we are here, that indeed I have blinked away once or twice.
I think I´ve never told anyone how beautiful I think you are.
And, let me confess you a secret, your voice hypnotizes me.

Well, I guess it is time now.
I will walk towards you and I am going to sit right in front of you.
Salut Cher! I´ve been missing you all this weeks.

And after all, you are always there for me whenever I found you near to me.

So... are you ready? I incline myself to whisper next to you something I probably never told you: "You´re my best friend hun."

I know you don´t really care, do you? but anyway, you always let me return to you, no matter how much time I´ve spent far away from you.

I know it will take a little time for us to fit again... but, who cares? we still got plenty of time don´t we?

So, here it goes, piano, let me play your keys once again and get lost into the stunning world of music you always take me to.

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Gugo said...

Just today, the first thing I did when I arrive home, I went to my guitar :). As I read the first lines I started feeling something inside...

Bananii said...

haha what`s something?

Brian Miller said...

smiles. i never played piano, but all the ladies int eh family did, and i have similar feeling for other things...nice reveal there in the end...and great capture of the intimacy of music...nice one shot!

Claudia said...

i'm playing piano i can very well relate to what you write..nice one shot

Ben Langhinrchs said...

I love when one of the kids sits down and starts playing piano. Warms my heart.

Eric Alder said...

You tell your friend how you feel every time you play.

Nice One Shot!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh... I loved it - nice surprise that the best friend was a piano. Lovely One Shot!

dustus said...

Your descriptions of love for music make me recall how I feel about writing. Enjoyed your heartfelt poem. A pleasure to read. cheers.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't wait to see where this would take me!

Lu Ann said...

Brian: Thanks! Yes, I think you kinda understand the ladies in your family!

Claudia: Isnt it wonderful?

Ben: I feel that when my sister plays the piano :) I cant find your blog :(

Eric: YEP :) I always do; with my fingers:

Gospelwriter: Wow! Im glad it surprised you, it was kinda the intention.

Dustus: then you must really REALLY love writing :) Pleasure all of mine.

Liv2write2day: :)!! Thnaks for reading.

Dulce said...

I'd love really to listen to you playing > that friend of yours...

Great SHot, linda amiga