Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Forgotten sensations.

Day after day, since we were born, we discover new sensations.

It goes since the very first day you breathe the air of this world, when you first open your eyes to the light, when you feel your mommy´s fingertips through your small face... to the very first moment when you feel butterflies, when your heart gets broken or when you gave your first kiss.

And some of those sensations become part of your daily life, so you barely notice them, like the taste of water in your lips or the cold you feel when you´re leaving home.

But some of them, even when happened to you more than once, just get lost into a sea of thoughts and past experiences.
They are somewhere under your skin, you´ve felt them before but maybe it´s been a while since something from the outside makes them climb upon the surface of your heart again.

And maybe years pass by and time goes on... but one day, a simple thing can recall those forgotten sensations, like feeling stupid in the sweetest way ever, or getting butterflies... or even sleeping with a smile on your face.

Those moments are worth keeping... those sensations are not meant to be forgotten.

"Like I´ve never been here before"

(You make me feel-Nathan)


Gugo said...

Stupid, sweetest, butterflies, sleeping, smile, just the words that catch me I wonder why...? :P Love u!
What is this that is happening?

Bananii said...

haha i knew those words would get your attention. i dont know the exact words to describe what is going on! but i like it as much as you do. :)