Monday, April 12, 2010

Less skeptic :)

There´s still a lot of way until midnight when we will all be able to look at the sky crystal clear with the shining stars... maybe we should say a wish.

Nice to know we´re all under the same moon. To be honest, sometimes it seems a little deformed, too wide and maybe too grey.

I know as certain as the sun will rise next morning that sometimes it might seem that I am weirder than the day before, people must know it is nothing personal.

Days like this, cold and rainy ironically make me feel brighter... and make my waiting less static.

I read a good story today morning, it turned on my imagination, so hours passed pretty faster than usual creating some kind of shortcut for it in my head.
God! I should be a scriptwritter. :)

"Nobody said it was easy" some words are meant to stick right inside your head, "but everything is worth the pain" Coldplay should add this part and maybe the scientist would feel less skeptic.

(The scientist-Coldplay)

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Gugo said...

Nobody said it was easy... but days like this may made yours or some one else's life brighter... lvu!