Monday, April 19, 2010

Spoiled child

Yesterday I learned more about myself.

When I have an emotional breakdown... specially when it catches me with my low guard I have some issues when it comes to handle small or big problems.

I get mad easily and my eyes water soon also... so when it comes down to a situation like the one that happened yesterday I explote.

Yes, I acted as an spoiled girl and I know I can not justify my behavior, but it helped me to understand something about me:

When I have an emotional breakdown I learn how to cope with it after one or two days, it just takes that time for my brain to figure out the right answer.

And then, I am not weak... but extremely vulnerable.

I have to change that, not because others tell me so, but because I want to change it... but saying it better, I need to control my emotional responses.

I am glad I notcied, because now on I will try to become the one I already am, but in an improved version.

(Thank you for understanding.
Sometimes a song can make you feel protected, so thank you)


Gugo said...

Its great you realize the things you want to change. and not because it is wrong but because those will make your life easier and will avoid you to suffer.
I'm glad we can handle this first "trial". (may be it was yours but I feel involved)

Dulce said...

Hey, I am so glad I've found you... you seem to be having an emotional breakdown... I guess you are young?

Only because I've been through so much of your 'pain'... or maybe you are one of those few who have only lost one beloved person in life...?
THAT is he reason why you should praise every single thing and person in your life and enjoy them to the utmost... because tomorrow who knows...
I am glad my post helped you somehow realize that...

Bananii said...

im glad i found you too dulce, you write beautifully. yes I am young im a bit less than 17. so... ill keep on reading you. thanks for taking the time to answer. see ya! (read ya)