Thursday, April 22, 2010

A break into a pretty normal day.

Stop drawing tiny flowers on the notebook.
Take a look at the board, yes, you already know what they are talking about, nothing new.
You get hungry, well that may mean that your brain is actually working!
Better pay attention to the next class... even French can makethe noises around you more comfortable.

Teacher asked you something, quick! think.
Better say you don´t know "je ne sait pas"

Look around you, I know you don´t really belong here, but you need to stay and make your best to accept others.

Open your world a little bit, I know they dont fit, but they deserve the chance don´t you think?

Look at them, all so sad and some so bored and wonder... what are they thinking about?

"what the hell am I doing here? I dont belong here"


Dulce said...

Who knows? But we all think and sometimes the similarities are amazing... but we only really know about our thoughts.. it's great those like us, who like writing, put it down ...

great post

Gugo said...

We do not belong here....