Friday, April 30, 2010

Beautiful girl.

Yes, you... stop.
Do you trust in me?
So do exactly as I tell, close your eyes for a while.
Don´t be afraid hun, I´ll be taking care of you all along, like I´ve always done.

Now that they are closed, raise your head to the sky,
lift up your arms.

When I count to three you´re going to open those two small and sparkling butterflies placed right above your nose.

Now smile... one, two, three.

Go ahead, don´t feel scared.

See the sky? Wide, blue... and beautiful.
Just like life itself.

Sometimes it is hard for me to accept how fast things are changing,
that I should not be surprised when you´re living
things I´ve lived before...
things I was expecting to happen to you later in time...
not now.

Anyway, we must accept the facts.
We´ve grown up.

Now, take my hand and hold it next to your heart.

You are beautiful, you are smart, you are funny, you are a great person, with great personality.
I´ll be there all the way with you to help you when you need to and to ask
for your help when I need it.

Trust me, trust God, you will make it through

You will be am expetional woman... and I am so honored I am your sister.

"life is short, so learn from your mistakes and stand beside the choices that you make... i know whatever you decide you are gonna shiine" dream theater-the answer lies within


Gugo said...

Aww your sis is so nice!

steveroni said...

Gugo wrote "Awww..."

And I am IN "awe"...

(Hope your English will understand. If not, try the word "awesome"...OK?)