Sunday, April 11, 2010

All the right moves.

Sometimes I do realize that deep inside I am a million contradictions.
Sometimes I feel like I have all the answers but still I have nothing figured out.

I also realize that everyone gets scared... funny I remembered because I was talking about it today on my way home with my beloved ones.

But... everyone gets mistaken once in a while and will probably fall into the same mistake twice.

It is part of life.

Sometimes we wish we could know all the right moves but, we must remember that, we don´t and we will never have an idea.

(All the right moves-One republic)


Gugo said...

As you say, it is a part of life, imagine a life when you do not make mistakes or when you take all the best decisions, I think that might be little boring...

Gugo said...

I like this phrase of your song: "Am I bright enough to shine on your spaces?"

Bananii said...

yes you are!

Bananii said...

yeah it would be boriing I was thinking about it I dont know why I did not write it :S