Tuesday, April 6, 2010

dead poets society

As I said before... words mean something.
They have a social, emtoional and personal background, saying it differently, they have the power to show what we are, to discover the secrets of our hearts.

Having said that, I may tell you that my words and by consequence my dreams and hopes, seem naive to other people.

And... some days when Im not at my best, they even seem naive to me.

After all, who am I? What makes me different? Am I really that different? Or Im just someone extremely young who needs to grow up a lot to discover that my destiny is not that different from any one else´s.

Mediocrity... what if people used to be dreamers and had hopes high when they were younger... but pain, life and routine made them gave up on themselves, conform with the daily activities with nothign else but the necessary items to sustein life: work, money and home.

But as it is said "Poetry, love, romance, beauty... these are what we stay alive for"

Why do people forget? They are important too... maybe not basic but really important.

If those people decided to gave up their dreams to go along with the flow... how can I know that I´ll make things different? That I wont fall into the same?
For some it may be ok. and I respect it, but for me it is just SO NOT FINE!
For me falling into that will mean becoming mediocre... and I dont want it to happen.

Its not that I want to live outside society rules, its just that I would like to make things different and never, never forget about those little issues that makes us human.

"Life is like a poetry... and you one day may contribute a verse, but, what will your verse be?"

People who usually qualify my way of being as naive, stupid or childish may answer to me when I tell them they´re cynic: "Not cynic... but realistic."

Maybe... but when logic and sanity fails... what is left even when improbable, stupid or crazy must be the right answer.

Reality. What if after all we can change reality? Form it with our own hands and live it in a different way?

This world is full ot sane people, but those who are crazy create the worlds where sane people just live.

The crazy ones make music, the sane ones just listen to it.

The crazy ones live life in their own way, sane people just walk the path that´s already been drawn.

"We must constantly look things from a different way" sometimes, it is all that takes to catch a glimpse of our own potencial.

After all, I may be naive, but after all I also dont really care.

"No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas CAN change the world."

So... tell me Im naive, tell me Im small, tell me Im childish, I will sail beyond the sunset one way or another.

(quotations "" dead poets society, everything else is mine)

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Gugo said...

Woow, I have to say that is great that you stand for your dreams and expectations, but I must say that, also there is no wrong in any kind of life, I must say that the important thing is to really love what you do, that may fulfill you, no matter what it is.