Monday, April 5, 2010

just because...

The movie`s over.
It was kinda boring.
I did not pay enough attention... I`ve seen in twice.

Im talking with my cousin... Damn, how dare he?

Just kiddin´ I´d been there before.

Now Im thinking that possibly nobody out there would care of what Im doing, saying or thinking right now.

After all Im just someone else who owns a blog who´s alive and writing instead of doing homework.

Hehe... yes I do feel happy.

Nice! Its been a while since I feel this way.

Nice... i repeat.

Kenya! can you stop barking and crying?
Oh you`re so freaking beautiful...

Yes, you can come in.

I stare at the sky... today there are not too many clouds.

Too blueish in my opinion.

It gets me dizzy after a while.

Well... its better than the T.v


Gugo said...

haha it seems to me you were high! I doo read you!

Bananii said...

i know. I love it :)