Wednesday, April 28, 2010

stupid things

just charge it to my account I hope I havent gone over my limits...
no need to scream and shout... no doubt if men are from mars... i will get to him somehow.
All I wanna do is please you, please myself by living my life too...

And all the STUPID THINGS I DO have absolutly no reflection on how I feel about you.

Yes I feel two feet small.

And this time I admit I dont know what to do.
Somehow, something is wrong... understand I just dont want to mess things up. The fact is that I cant depend on things like this.

I could not sleep either, and I dont know why I feel I should say I am sorry to someone... which? why?

Honesty, honesty.

But... this time I will just let you talk. (cuz I am interested on what you will say.)

(stupid things-jesse mcartney)

1 comment:

Dulce said...

Hey This is a difficult question !
In matters of dependance am not the most adequate to give you advice... But one thing is sure... nothing lasts forever, so let it flow until you bear it no more... we are wiser than we believe!