Thursday, April 15, 2010

When time stops

When I walk, even when I walk very fast I like looking up at the sky.
I try not to make straight eye contact with people walking towards me... I hate making up stories for them because I know I stare at them (and they notice).

I take more than two sights before I cross the street... I would not like to die today, not yet.

That street is specially crowded, and the cars passing by constantly only make it one of the noisiest places I´ve ever walked by.

But, once in a while... times stops.
And then I know how blessed I am and a smile gets drawn in my face... and I know people stare at me.
Is it so hard to see someone smiling in the street?

I know they wonder why am I smiling... I must look very dumb but happiness makes me forget about them. I just don´t care.

I keep on walking silently knowing what´s going on deep inside my world, and that is all I need for now.


1 comment:

Gugo said...

That is what I call ENJOYING THE LIFE! I'm glad you do it :)