Monday, April 5, 2010

So I´ll come by and you´ll exaggerate good times.

Sometimes you have something you take for granted.
Something that was important to you even when you didn´t know it.
And... you lose it.
Sometimes... SOMETIMES it ain´t your fault.
And you miss it soo bad that you became miserable for a while.
You miss it, you want it back, you need it back.

After a while... it stops being that important for you.

Sometimes, SOMETIMES the other person realizes that it was their lost, because they lost something they really had and someone who would never give up on them.

And... only sometimes that person wants you back, needs you back, miss you badly.

But then... it may be too late cuz you no longer need them, no longer want them, no longer miss them.

They become like a simple spot on the way, something that used to be important and something you barely think about.

You cant see them the way you used too.
Maybe they are still the same, but you had changed.
You may have been smarter enough as to move on with your life.

And now that they came begging for you, you realized how much you wanted it... and you wish they had returned before... realize that its too late and feel kinda bad for them.
Cuz in your life there´s no space for them anymore.

You´re happy just the way you are, living the moment... and suddenly the miserable is not you...

Sorry hun, I no longer care about you.

"Cuz I´ve been fine but now you´re finally telling me that you might not be ok, Well I´d guess that anyway.

So i´ll come by and you´ll exaggerate good times. But I wont stay the night."

(stay the night-making april)

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