Thursday, April 8, 2010

at first sight

first watch... then read

It´s kinda funny when you think that maybe, just maybe, someone out there is meant for you.
Someone you may not know... or maybe already know.
Someone who you will be able to fall inlove evrytime you see them, even when years pass by.
Someone you dont need to remind yourself that you love them.
Some one who may be waiting for you and hoping for you to come around.
Someone you´d love to share your life with.
And you dont know when it´s gonna happen, but you´d be happy for that moment to arrive sooner or later.
Because after all, they will fill your heart and make every single step of the path you take be worth the pain only by being there right next to you. <3

1 comment:

Gugo said...

For this one I just can say two words: "aww" and "time"