Saturday, April 3, 2010


Wake up... such a sigh!
Its around 3:00 A.M
Hope I can sleep again.

Forgot I had a new bed. Now Im nearer to the ceiling. I kinda like it, so white and still.

Even though my foot cant reach it.

Hey! I was trying to sleep... maybe if i stop thinking about all that stuff.

I turn around... no I dont like it this way, maybe if I return to my inicial postition.
Ok, its better now.

What was I thinking? Oh yes, life changes in a blink of an eye.

I never thought this would happen this soon... anyway, what´s a year and a half?
Nothing(i like to believe)

Time passes by very quickly... maybe if I take a day at a time... yes Im gonna do that.

What´s this feeling on my stomach, no Im not hungry... maybe is because Im scared.
Yes I am scared.

Maybe because this time Im finally saying what I wanna say, saying what I mean.

Maybe that´s why Im scared... it gotta be that.

No... maybe because it feels strange.
Maybe cuz I dont really know.

maybe because this time Im different.

What if Im mistaken? (maybe if I could just shut up!) maybe... maybe this time things will be alraight.

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