Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Just a cookie :)

So, today I learned something. People will always buy cookies.

And I used to think that I was scared of growing up alone, then I thought it was fear of being vulnerable... now I found out that I may be scared of feeling scared.

And something I`ve always been scared of is of rutine.

Ironic, I know cuz I am someone who has lived its life into routines, that´s just the way I work.

But, sometimes I feel that it might work for me, but when it comes to have some kind of relationship whether formal or not, it is the main reason why they always end up bad.

I am not a very social person though I have all the means to be one.
I am a "regular and normal person", still being social was never my strenght.

People always get close to me and start talking, which is a blessing because if they didn´t it would be probable that I´d never talk to that person.

Yes, I must work that out, because it will make my life easier I have no doubts about it.

So... sometimes I am scared I am being way too much monotonous and even when it might get me bored, usually it bores people before it gets to bother me.

Just a cookie... and the bellyache goes away for a while. (so good I still have loads of them)

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Gugo said...

I believe that everyone in some point of our life have fear to the routine, and eventually we all fall into some. I think that there is nothing to be afraid of. What have worked for me, is to stop! just stop and see all the things happening get off the train of routine and think about what is happening.