Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Now you know...

I had a dream last night. I was in that place we both know so well and I was walking fast. Lots of people passing me by and walking on a different direction. I felt like I had been walking for days and days following something my heart needed for beating.
 Suddenly, I recognized your sweet smell and I raised my head to look out for you. There you were and you    had stopped. I started to walk towards you and just before I reached you, you started running.
 Only then I realized I had been following you since the beginning, it was you who I was chasing.
I turned my head and saw faces staring at me and I must confess I felt ashamed.
 "What am I doing" I said.I turned away and started walking... "I am not used to this"
When you were far enough, I stopped and cried out loud hoping you could hear me: "I observe, I don´t chase!"

"His message was brutal but the delivery was kind

Maybe if I get this down I'll get it off my mind

It serves to condition me and smoothen mi kinks
Despite my frustation for the way that he thinks..."

Amy Winehouse "You sent me flying/cherry"

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