Saturday, September 24, 2011


Suddenly the feeling invaded Alice. She felt that she knew her better than she did herself.
"Can I keep it?" she had asked.
"No" Alice replied.
"Ok, then I wont go"
Her answer shocked her. Alice would have expected her to kick and scream, to damn her for ruining her night, and yet she didnt. She said "Ok" so carelessly...
So Alice started to feel wrong about herself. It was like her sister knew exactly what to say to make her feel awkward about it.
"I wont change my mind" Alice thought. But as each minute passed by, she felt worse and worse.
At the end it meant that she was not as selfish as she thought she was, she didnt want to ruin her sister´s night, did she?
"Ok, go ahead. Keep it just for tonight."


Susie Clevenger said...

I know this story well being on of three sisters...nice work!

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Anonymous said...

This is brilliant there more to the story surrounding it?

kez said...

cool ....thank you

Anonymous said...

Very expressive in your words ... most enjoyable.
Well done,

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