Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I am thankful

I am thankful for his smile, for his eyes, for his hands.
I am thankful for the marks he has left inside my heart, for the colors he brought into my life, for the way he makes me see life, for the way I see myself through his eyes.
I am thankful, most of all, even if he could never be near me, because he breathes, because his heart beats, because he exists... His existence makes this world a brighter place to live in. 


Morning said...

how sweet.

what a thrill to see you share,
you rock.

Happy Poetry Picnic,
Happy Thanksgiving.

Best Wishes.


Kay said...

The world is such a beautiful place when seen through the eyes of love.

Thank you!

Andy said...

Love is everything.
Lovely sentiments
Thanks for sharing.

Mine's here:
Beautiful Woman Of My Heart

I'm also having a celebration of sorts over at my blog. You're welcome to attend. For more information, please click here...

Gugo said...

I am thankful because I could feel that very same gratitude in return! bp! and by the way... thnx!

Umamaheswari said...

True from the heart...yes very nice.

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