Thursday, December 30, 2010

Corazón de oro.

I live in Mexico so I thought that it wuld be a nice ending for this year of writting to write something in my native language: Spanish.
This one is for you, sis.

¿Estás dormida?
No, no pasa nada, solamente quería decirte algo...
¿Sabías tú que tu corazón es de oro? Sí, de oro.
Eres tan pura, tan genuina... siempre perdonas, siempre escuchas,
siempre amas.
Bondad es tu verdadero nombre y por ello yo te amo con toda la intensidad que mi corta vida
me permite sentir con cada palpitar del corazón.
Gracias a Dios por tu vida.

English version ;)

Are you sleeping?
No, there´s nothing wrong, just wanted to tell you something...
Did you know that your heart is made of gold? Yes, gold.
You´re so pure, so genuine... you always forgive, you always listen, you always love.
Kindness is your real name and that´s exactly why I love you with all the intensity my young heart allows me to feel with each beat of my heart.
I thank God for your life.


Jingle said...

i wish I could under stand,
if you could add English version in the post, that would be awesome..

i thank you for the time.

Lu Ann said...

Jingle: done!

Anonymous said...

¡Qué romántica, me gusta mucho!

Kim Nelson said...

My beautiful daughter-in-law is from Mexico, so reading your post gave me particular pleasure. The love and admiration flow in both languages. Que bonita!

Lu Ann said...

Tekia: Muchas gracias!
Kim: Such a nice coincidence! :) so glad you enjoyed it :) Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Love, Truth, Affection and Emotions see no boundaries of language, culture and distances.

Brain cells are similar on this globe.

Happy New Year.

Desert Rose said...

Me encantaria las dos versiones..:) the spanish one sounded more passionate..i am a biased to spanish tho :)

great lines to your sis..feels warm n sweet..:)

mine is here

happy new year to you :)

Sumit Sarkar said...

I wish I could read the original..
Lovely post though...
Happy New Year :)

Anonymous said...

Excellent, such lovely thoughts.
I read the english then tried to speak the spanish version out loud.
I probably said it wrong but it still sounded really nice, almost musical

Gugo said...

Aww! alguien quiere a Davo! Your sister rocks! :)

Anonymous said...

It's important to let people know how much they mean to you and that was beautiful.

Lu Ann said...

Thank you for your comments,I´ll visit your blogs.

Anonymous said...

Este es muy bueno, y con mucho corazon. No hablo mucho espanol, pero comprendo los que escribes.

Muchas gracias por el opportunidad leer su poetry en espanol.

Sam said...

I love it....Words to tell each special people in our life.

Anonymous said...

que linda! me gustaria que leas mi poemo "Entre Los Labios, Entre Los Padres." Es me poema primera totalmente en espanol. Digame como te parece!

Alexis said...

Simple and filled with gratitude. I enjoyed it very much.