Thursday, August 12, 2010


"Sorry I´ve been away for a while and I have not read you my dear blog friends! I´ve been kinda busy... but I´ll read you I promise."

She wakes up and takes a look around.
There she is, the little girl she has been taking care of most of her life; her sister.
"I am sorry..." she whispers.
She does not want to leave her alone, not now.
"She needs me" she thinks.
But what she truly needs is God and that she already has...
Maybe she is the one who needs the little girl, maybe the girl will be just fine.
Then she realizes that she is scared.
She is very, very scared...

(Thank you for listening, you helped me a lot, I know God uses you to help me thru this kind of things so believe when I thank you. I hope I can do the same thing for you. :) and I will do as you said, leave it to God, smile and be calm.)


Gugo said...

I must insist that you have nothing to thank for... that's why Im here for and hopefully whatever God puts on our way, Ill be here for you when you need it and hopefully you'll be here for me.

I believe we all are scared of changes in our lives, or maybe I must say it for the one who is writting, but we are not brave enough to recognize it, so you, my dear friend, are a brave girl indeed and I'm sure you'll get thru this because you have Him in you heart!

dulce said...

So, changes are so scary at times, others just so necessary and wanted!

Glad you are back

David Franco :: ¡Ya Levántate! said...

Y... los cambios asustan a grandes y pequeños. Y nos gusta decirle a quien los está viviendo: "no tengas miedo", pero la verdad, es que el miedo ayuda. Te pone alerta. Te hace más cuidadoso y hasta aguza tus sentidos. Sería mejor pensar en que el miedo es bueno siempre y cuando, tu confianza —a pesar de tu miedo— esté firme en Dios pues Él no falla, Él no te abandona, Él no te deja... y entonces sucede... el miedo se disipa y todo lo positivo que te trajo, se queda; ¡has sido fortalecida!