Tuesday, August 17, 2010


-Are you sure?
-Sure? Of course I am sure! What? Don´t you trust me?
-I do.. but it is not what I expected.
-But it is the best thing to do. You really have to trust me in this. Ready? One, two...
-No, wait...
-Now what?
-It is just that... I am afraid.
-You know? you´re very childish...
-But I am scared. I need something though I am not very sure of what it may be.
-Try to make up your mind, what do you need?
-I think I need... time.
-Time? We can´t stay here forever.
-I just need some time.
-You won´t wait for me. Will you?
-Yes I will! Of course I will.
-It won´t be much. I promise.
-Is this an excuse?
-No, no. I am truly trying. Please be patient.


-Are you ready now?
-No. I am not.
-I gave you time! I´ve been waiting here for you and still you won´t do it.
-I just can´t. I am sorry.
-Why are you crying? You always cry.
-I am sorry.


-So what do you need. But be honest this time.
-I need...
-I need...
-You need?
-I need a friend. That´s what I truly need. A friend.
-I love you.
-What I need is you. You are my friend.
-I will be here.


-So are you ready this time?
-You are here, yes I have all I need.
-Yes! go ahead or I´ll get scared again.
-Ok. Here we go. One, two, three! Jump!

Once they fell from the swing they keep on walking.
She is 7 and he´s 9.


Gugo said...

Awww lovely!!! my dear friend!

Maha said...

that was very cuteeee !

David Franco :: ¡Ya Levántate! said...

Nice, very nice. I liked it a lot.