Friday, May 6, 2011

Dear Alex:

I know you´d never hurt my feelings, because you´ve shown me that you care. But yesterday you hurt a deepest part of me: you hurt my art.

I once noticed, when I was playing violin, that you stared at me with doubt and a little bit of rejection. Perhaps I was not playing how I should be playing according to your idea of good music. I stopped. I thought I was being stupid, I thought you were right.

But now you´ve limited my art. You say I should not refer to things the way I do. You said that I should be careful of not flying too much, of not making it too sublime.

I am a writer, we are supposed to do that! We find words to make something simple the most sublime thing on Earth, because that is how we feel about it. That is how we see life: we fly.

I thought you were the one person on Earth that could somehow understand me, but now the hole in my stomach is back: you do not and you will never will.

Forever yours,


Jingle said...

sad, well put.

best wishes, you deserve the best.

dsnake1 said...

a great write, like the way you styled it, like a letter.

a writer should not compromise his/her art. he learns, he listens, but he should hear his own heartbeat.

enjoyed this read. :)

Gugo said...


Remember... fly as you might, greate quote, isnt? wise guy.

Anonymous said...

This Alex guy is an idiot. I've read some of your work. You are an artist. Let no one tell you differently.
Keep flying!

Lu Ann said...

Jingle: Thanks a lot, as always, you´re welcome here.

Dsnake: Thanks, I will :)

Gugo: Yes, it is a great quote, he´s a wise guy...

Lifeinverse: Hehe, thanks a lot! :) Really, thank you.

andymac89 said...

Well put. There's always somebody who wants to clip a birds wings and keep it caged rather than set it free.

Anonymous said...

Never let anyone diminish you or limit you in any way--great letter. I commend you, LuAnn--thanks for a good jolt of self esteem!

Lu Ann said...

Bodhirose: Thanks a lot :)I wont! You´re welcome!