Sunday, May 15, 2011


Year: 2011

-You see, Dany -he said -, I´ve been stolen too many times in my life. I´ve lost  my wallet, my suitcase, my food and even my shoes and nothing had ever pissed me off so much.

They were standing near the surprised crowd who was taking photographs of the hot air balloons. 

-They are so colorful -he said again -. Seriously, I´ve never been so pissed off before! How could they do it Dany?

Dany, his dog, stared at him with eyes open wide and moved its tale in an anxious way.

-Dany! These people have stolen my idea! I created those submarines!I am Jacques Montgolfier! I wonder how will they take them to the ocean, Dany... 


Jingle Poetry said...

Glad to see you in,

madness, yeah!
It is okay to be mad.
well done.

Anonymous said...

That was clever writing!

muso-blog-hog said...

Very smart and original interpretation of the prompt !

Anonymous said...

I love it and the dog is adorable I can really envision this =)