Friday, March 26, 2010

I don’t know where I’ve been... but I know where I want to go

It´s been a while since I first woke up knowing that something had changed.
I realized that I was no longer scared of growing up.

I knew I would keep falling, but I felt stronger than ever as to know that I would always stand up with God´s help and some important people.

I knew people would leave, but some others would arrive.

I looked at myself in the mirror that same morning. I saw my clean face, no make-up, no hairdone... just the simpliflied version of me... and I LIKED IT!

I felt kinda free, no mask hiding my real beauty, my spirit feeling so pure.

I felt alive and so exited about life.

And I know... that I am small.
But who isnt? I mean, I know I still have a lot to learn, but even older people can learn a lot from me.

Its a never ending process, and I simply love it!

I felt so willing to love someone with all of my heart, even when I dont know who he will be.

I wanted to run outside and breathe the fresh air... feel it filling my young lungs.

All I wanted was to scream to the world : I am here!!! and I´ll do great things with my life.

Im not saying I´ll become next president or that I will discover a new element... Doing great things with my life means Im gonna live my life to the extreme but in my own way.
For some people my life may seem boring, for some it may be meaningless... but I know that at the end of my days I´ll look back and say Well played.

How do I know?
I just do.

So I will laugh, I will love, I will scream, I will cry, I´ll fell inlove, I´ll sing, I´ll write, I´ll be the happiest person ever.

Because I dont know where I´ve been... But now I do know where I want to go.

And I hope you can be part of it. Would you?

("First day of my life-bright eyes")


Gugo said...

As I read this it seems to me like you are the happiest person in the world, and that makes me happy too. Im sure you'll do all those great things in your life because you are an outstanding girl and hopefully I'll be there to see them.
For myself i would like to say that I'm also living a season of change, knowing new great people, missing people that have been here for me, trying to change of job and routines. I know every change is for a reason even if we dont understand the why.

Titania Zianya said...

I know how it feels 'cause I live that everyday, discover that you are a great person and there's no reason to let you down
remember that in someway i'll always be next to u you're one of my best friends you know me exactly as I am
Love u

David Franco :: ¡Ya Levántate! said...

It seems like you've found how to "mend a broken heart." I know the only ingredient needed as well as you do, and I'm so glad you found it!

Knowing where you are heading makes you buy the ticket to the right destination.

God bless you Bananii