Tuesday, March 30, 2010

take it back...

Something sad about human relationships is that mostly once you´ve done or said something wrong it changes the whole thing forever.

Words... words are not only words, they mean something, they include feelings and dreams, thoughts and intentions.

So, when we say something, even if we dont mean it, it does mean something for the person who hears it.

We can twist our words in such a good way that we can make people believe in what we are saying, even when it might be such a big lie.

But, what we say and what we think are not always related.
Sometimes we just can´t find the words to say what we feel.

So, we can say a lot good things, but a bunch of mean things too.

Words have the power to destroy, I mean the whole Hitler thing started when the guy talked for the first time!

Anyway I was talking about emotional damage.

More than once we stab others with our simple words, and most of the times we do it on porpouse, and when it happens the best thing that occurs to us to say is: Im sorry.

And in some way the apology is the best thing we can do, even when deep inside the other person wants you to take it back.

But... saying Im sorry not always means we take back what we said.

In my opinion saying "I take it back" is the most stupid thing somebody can say because the fact is that once our words were spoken, there is no turning back.
The damage is already done and saying you take those words back can´t change it.

I hate it when sombody tells me they take it back... cuz they CANT!

No matter how willing you feel to forgive the other, what they say will leave a mark in your life forever, because after all those words hurt you.

(undiscovered-ashlee simpson)


Gugo said...

I know its hard but I think that is important to forgive and really forgive, meaning leave it behind forever if you know that the apologize was for real...

David Franco :: ¡Ya Levántate! said...

"Hechos son amores y no buenas razones"

Isn't "forgiving" meant to be a synonym of "forgetting"? May be so but it is almost impossible, isn't it?

"Taking back your words" is not equivalent to asking for forgiveness, which requires a lot more than words ;)