Sunday, March 28, 2010

You´re beautiful... it´s true.

Beautiful... what does it means anyway?

They say it is a matter of opinion, some say there´s an established steriotype.

Im not blond, I dont have blue eyes and Im not tall either... does it means Im not beautiful?
I don´t think so.

For some I may be the most beautiful girl they´ve ever seen, I may be a regular kind of beauty or I can also be ugly.

But... the fact is that we can´t keep on talking about beauty because is such a relative adjective.

I will tell you something that is without a doubt more than beautiful:

The sunset.
Have you ever looked at the sky for more than two minutes? Its just so wonderfull, the blue or the grey combined with the sun or the moon & stars, the clouds.

Its just AWESOME!

I can´t say I know the exact meaning of beautiful, but I know the meaning of gorgeous cuz when I look at the nature I can say: You´re more than beautiful... it´s true.

(*Beautiful-James Blunt)


Gugo said...

Can't agree better than this, but I would say that in the case of people the most and more lasting beauty is the one that is inside...

David Franco :: ¡Ya Levántate! said...

Inner beauty comes from a renewed heart, because it has been created, again, with the hand of the Creator, just as nature has been.

And when beauty exists within you, then "You're more than beutiful... it's true."

Love your post!