Sunday, March 28, 2010

So important...

So, I was asking myself... when do you start being important for someone?

When you say something interesting?
When you blink twice to them?
When you do something nice for them?

Maybe it is when you say something or do somethin that represents an opinion or an action that may change their own opinion or even their lives.
Maybe when something yours become a part of them... something they get used to or want it to be with them, maybe then we are important for them.

But... what Im just so confused about is, when does someone starts to be important for you?

I used to think I knew... but the fact is that Im not sure anymore.

And what when someone starts to be important for you without your knowing?
Something you cant stop... something that started just because.
Does it means anything?

(Sparks : So Important )


Gugo said...

Do not try to understand... I dont but I'm happy with it!!! :)

Bananii said...

Yes, that may be the best thing to do cuz I dont think we can really figure out.
And Im happy with it too :)

David Franco :: ¡Ya Levántate! said...

Good question.
We become important to some people even before we are born!

You became very important to a woman and a man some years ago, right after reading a pregnancy test results.

Isn't that great!?!?!?

Dasuntoucha said...

Interesting's definitely one of life's queries that begs to be answered.

Anonymous said...

I think it can be one or more big things that causes your attraction or lots of little things that can over time draw you to that person.

Lu Ann said...

I agree with both of you, it´s quite a simple but overwhealming question!

Jingle said...

There are things that could not be explained or understood.
let it be..
be happy.