Sunday, June 6, 2010

Fatal Tragedy

She´s been waiting for less than a year and still seems like a lifetime to her until she gets to meet her new brother.
The time came earlier, he wasnt supposed to arrive now, there was a month left... but he is here.

Her mom is taken to the hospital, but daddy said it would be ok, so she trusts in him and sits quietly in the waiting room.
She´s fallen asleep, three hours is too much for a kid to take.
A sudden cry wakes her up, and she walks to the room where her momma is.
She looks inside, there is a baby crying.

-It is getting cold. - a doctor says.
Her mom holds him carefully.
Still Andrea can´t say a word. "Is my brother ok?" she thinks.

After a few minutes it seems like everything is better.

-He can´t breathe... he´s... Oh God - she hears.

She sees a doctor "kissing" his little brother in his mouth.
"Why is he kissing him?"
The doctor keeps doing it again and again...

Then, his daddy covers his face with his hands and her mommy screams like she has never did before.

"My brother´s dead"

(Fatal tragedy-Dream theater)

Sadly this is a true story... tragedies happen all the time in real life and still we like to create new ones (talking for me).
Hope God may give rest to this baby´s family.


steveroni said...

It is as well to report a "fatal tragedy" as a "happy happening". If there were no honest reporting there would be no growth, no motivation for change in the world...or in our souls.

Bless the Peeps.

steveroni said...

Sorry, I just want to check-mark "follow-up comments"...

Gugo said...

Pretty much doom! I like itttt!!