Wednesday, June 9, 2010



Ideas and intentions joined inside your brain.

Sometimes your worst enemies.

When things are fine and still you feel like there is something missing, something that is not right.

When you, with little ideas, create a monster that burns you out in doubt or fear... something that may not be real, but if you keep it alive long enough as it to grow strong it will keep pressing up your chest until you feel like you just can´t breathe, even when it might me unreal.

They might keep you trembling even when the truth has been revealed and make you feel like you are in the middle of a storm you can´t control.
Let it out.

Thoughts... go to rest.


Gugo said...

Our mind is so powerful that can create and live on fantasy, Im sure of it. which might be the same as to create a perfect reality (for us). What if we all live on our very own created world, what if all that we hear, smell, and touch is different for everyone?

Have you ever heard of Psychological Pregnacy???

Bananii said...

Hahaha... indeed you are right my dear friend :)