Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Oh! my momma told me there´ll be days like this.

On days like this...

I could stare at the window trying to capture in my memory the well drawn lines that fall from the sky to the ground.
I could walk out the door and feel the cold air filling my lungs and smell the rain special scent.

And then I held my breathe and ran to cacth the bus... feel the raindrops in my skin and the wind blowing my hair in every direction.

It was fun... besides holding a well known secret can always make you smile on days like this...

"When you don't need an answer there'll be days like this..."

(van morrison-days like this)


Gugo said...

That sound like a counterpoint "holding a well known secret..."
What's the point of a secret anyway? It takes two people to make it a secret, so it isn't that confidential anyway...

Haha, I love that song! never thought you even know it, coinc....?

Dulce said...

OH MY I just love it!
You shine!

This I could have made into a poem...
Yes, it shines!

Dulce :)

Bananii said...
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Bananii said...

Hahaha probably u dont remember Gugo but I did wrote a post about secrets :) failuure!

Dulce: aWW thank you :) u can write a poem about it if u want !

steveroni said...

I love to ride my scooter in the rain--even though it's a bit dangerous. The wet, the wind, the slippery risks, all leave me "Singing in the Rain"!

I do not need an answer today--it IS one of those days!

Thanks for your interesting and appropriate posts.