Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A kiss

What they said... a kiss is just a kiss.

We may kiss another for incountable reasons and may be impulsed by infinite incentives, a smell, a moment, a lullaby, alcohol, drugs, revenge, an emotion, something more biological... love?

We might kiss a stranger once, twice.
We might kiss a stranger and no harm will be done.

We might kiss somebody we love and climb up to the sweetest glory.
No harm will be done.

But, we might kiss a friend.
We might kiss a friend we feel conected with.
We might kiss a friend even when it seems right, like it will be fine, like we´ll forget tomorrow.
We might kiss a friend and say that it is an extreme expression of friendship, just that.

We might kiss a friend and much harm will be done... because a kiss is never just a kiss.


Gugo said...

Auchh... I may say that never a kiss is a just kiss, I think no one deserves to be played, and I think no ones like it. A kiss is somthing special... Or maybe I'm just so naive about it...:S

Dulce said...

OF course... a kiss.
There are thousand kisses given out. I kiss my family and friends a lot . Am I a kisser? YES!!! LOL
But a kiss to a lover WOW that is another GREAT different thing... which BTW I now so badly miss (sigh)

Bananii said...

Gugo: Yep, I agree with you, nobody deserves to be played.
And not... it is not that you are naive it is just that you are pure about it. You have the right concept, the one that is still not corrupted by the world and for that I admire you.

Dulce: Ohhh haha it is ok being a kisser I believe, it depends on HOW we kiss not exactly WHO we kiss right? :p

Aw... then I am sorry to see that you miss it...