Friday, June 25, 2010

Listen to...

Opinions wandering aimlessly through this space.
The air full of intangible voices surrounds my fragile heart.
They keep on talking... will they ever hush?
And then the idea that they might mean something attacks me...
after all they all speak as one.
I`ve heard them before... I thought they were talking about the world.
I thought they were talking about life.
I thought they were just sounds... they are talking about me.
They are talking about me!
Should I dare to listen more carefully?
Does it means I should follow their melody and let go mine?
After all... I may not be that different.
Knowing... it might seem it is all we want to do: know.
But at the end of the day we realize that not knowing is what keeps us breathing, that it is the last thing we want to do.
For my own sake.
For my own sake.
For my own sake.
I´ve been wrong innumerable times.
I´ve believed some lies and I´ve forgiven some thruths.
I´ve lost time and I´ve misunderstood situations.
What if?
What if this time I am right...
I´d probably be the last to know.
It is hard to know when to listen to those voices and when to listen to yourself.
Listen to myself, because
it is worth my time
worth my heart
worth the try.
Listen to my own voice and those other 3 voices that sing along with me.
That is all I need.
As long as God does not say "NO" I´ll keep on believing.
Voices can be an obstacle, because they are not always advices worth hearing.
Voices... keep on talking.
I´ll keep on believing.
After all this life is mine and mine alone.
My mistakes are mine and my achievements too.
My grief mine alone and my happiness to share with you all.
"Call me a dreamer".
(you dont miss your water-craig david) listen to it plz.


steveroni said...

Accept that which I cannot change.
Change the things I can.
Wisdom to know the difference.

You wrote: "It is hard to know when to listen to those voices and when to listen to yourself."

Yep, that "wisdom" IS the hard part, it slows down many who have swum through the first two actions...

GOOD post, as I expect from you!!

izzy said...

I remember it well!
all the voices that rose up
around my little island.
- was it opinion ?
mine echoed-
sometimes it seemed to be adults
talking above my head...
or the increasingly
divided family of self
(slowly they have become unified
as I worked my program) Thanks!

Dulce said...

WOW Woman, lady... what you've written here has touched me deeply.

I love it because it seems as if you were using my own thoughts but with your amazing words!

Precioso- gracias!

Lu Ann said...


thank u all!

Gugo said...

Opinions, advices, spoken words talking about ourselves, whatever you want to call them, are as their meanings and just that, they are not an absolute truth, i mean those could be right, but as always they are based on what is saw and heard, but not with the full picture. I believe that of course we must listen and think about it because most of the time are well intentioned coming from our beloved ones but as long as God is not against our position on the subject those still be opinions...

Great Song!