Thursday, June 3, 2010

Your sad eyes...

I saw you yesterday.
You were walking in your funny usual way, eyes on the horizon, not very straight and with that unique swing.
And I could not help myself but to stare at you.
It took you sometime to realize I was there, you saw me... but you faked it like you´ve been doing for two years.
And somehow the friendship we once shared allows you to realize that even when I was looking at you, I did not mean you to come near me, I would not say hello.
And what I am not very sure of is if you know why I was staring at you, well, it ought to be because I could see a long trace of my regrets following you.
When I saw once again your sad eyes hidden behing your nonchalant mask I felt the deepest sadness ever.
¿How could I let die the one that saved my life uncountable times?
¿How did I dare to abandon the one friend who was always there?
So there you were, walking somewhere I had no idea of.
Then I realized that I no longer know what you do, I no longer know where you go... I no longer know who you are, but the memory of the one you once were leaves me with no choice but to repeat again and again in my mind: I am sorry.


steveroni said...

Bananii, this could well be any of a number of us Peeps. And I AM sorry.

But--unless I decide to go back there for a sound reason, I should only look forward, remembering the lesson of that dreadful past error.

Did you see I wrote "sound reason"? What the hell IS that?--grin!

steveroni said...

Oh! I meant also...very VERY well-thought and written!

Bananii said...

haha sound reson? it makes sense to me!
And yep... we all should probably do that.
Trace of regrets are hard to leave behind even more when you hurt somebody, when u had the chance of making somebody´s life or even somebody´s day better and you didnt.
When they cravedfor your support and love and you turned your back on them because you may have been... afraid.