Thursday, June 10, 2010

A whole new world.

I dare to think that us, the ones who hold the pen, the ones who accumulate piles of sheets, the ones who find every napking as a canvas ready to recieve our ink... us the ones who write, might see the world from a different perspective.
Me might see it in a fantastic, surreal way... or may see it more like it actually is than others around us.

But, what about the ones who want to write about new things, the ones who want to describe this world´s mischievousness, the ones who want to create?

They might get frustrated at some point, because we might try really hard to "create" a whole new world, with bright "new" colors, shapes, odours, textures... something that would amaze anyone with enough brain as to enjoy a good book.

But at the end the author will probably realize it was an utter disaster and may find the explanation in their everyday lives.

The fact is that no matter how hard we try, we will never know more things that the ones we already know.
Im not talking about science or general knowledge... Im saying that all we know came from the sky above us, the trees behind us, the dirt underneath our feet.

We can´t create a whole new world because we ought to write about the things that we know about, though we may change them a little bit, but when we are writing about upside worlds or trees with blue leaves or purple skies, we are not innovating anything, we are just changing the original shape and color.

Even the things we find to be "unreal" come directly from real things.
"Unreal" animals for example always have horns and ears, snouts and eyes, even when we might change their location in the body.

Corporeal things might become like the wind, but that is as far as they will go from reality.

We can´t create such a thing... we have our limitations. We are not God.

But, so what? anyway those attempts are wonderful and can still transport your mind to a place you´ll never know and make you skip some breathes. I enjoy reading those books even when I finally realized they are not as unreal as they seem... but just as fantastic as they are.


steveroni said...

We are not God--I love that!

Our special saying is..."when all else fails be still, and know that HE is God...not ME!"

LOVE your posts!

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Lu Ann said...