Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Coincidences... I dont think so!


Well, I'd never thought of that before...

Maybe it is that we are too blind as to notice small things around us and too scared of believing in bigger things happening out there.

Small details that looked like coincidences, but now I do realize that they were small steps, small things happening around me telling me what I know now... nothing is coincidence.

So many worlds, too much space, hundred of years... and we are here today.

"I could be your worry partner
I could be your socialite
I could be your green eyed monster
I could be your force of light
I could be your temple garden
I could be your tender hearted child
I could be ordinary
I could be the one "

(I could be the one-donna lewis)


Gugo said...

Nothing is coincidence... Im more than agree, those little ones.. were little know what i mean...

From all the people we have known, all the time we have lived (mine more than yours), It is no coincidences that you and me are in this very moment in this very place.

What a beautiful song!love u hun!

Dulce said...

I love this dear Bananii!
Because I can relate so much to it as if I had writen it myself... You've taught me something, reminded me something very important > no coincidences exist. And everything happens as it has to...
I keep repeating that to myself so I eventually get to believe it.

Dulce said...

No sabía que también hablabas español... sorpresas te da la vida...

All the same we keep on that connection!

steveroni said...

I come over here from--well, you know where. And on coincidence I am the expert--grin! Just kidding!

However, I believe FIRMLY that nothing takes place in God's world by accident. There is a reason for everything, and everything IS a reason.

That reason is not mine to decipher, only to do the next right thing is my reason for being

Bananii said...

Love that last phrase of yours steveroni