Friday, May 7, 2010


Mixed emotions...
Imagining how their lives would be.
Engaged... now the word has a new meaning that comes with great happiness because it is happening to someone I know.
I did not hear it on T.v, I did not read it on a book.
This is my first exposure to a real one.
Who said marriage was overated? It is something beautiful,
I do not have any dooubts.
So, hope they`ll be happy, I know they will be.
And I could not help but imagining if I will be in the same situation someday.
Well, who knows?
Anyway, it sounds like something I`d love to do. :)


steveroni said...

Dream...Dream, young one. From dreams is created reality.

I wonder that maybe God had a dream one moment--and the next instant...well, here we are, creation en total!

I should stop thinking about these things--it is bad, it erodes my time for blogging--grin!

Gugo said...

We all love her! and wish her the best... Engagement... imagine that hun! ;) (I know you do!)